UNIT 9 - Press Conferences

"Whatcha Do...Whatcha see?"
50 pts for list of questions and your cheat sheet on the topic
50 pts for the performance

Each Press conference is roughly kept to a minute and 1/2

Purpose: To hold press conferences and for the speaker to learn how to take and deflect questions confidently about a topic they know well, and keep up good spirits.

In The End: The class should learn about a specific instance each student in the class:

  • Saw/witnessed
  • Experienced first hand

Preparation for the Press Conference
  • Each student picks a topic and we share them on the board fo the whole class. 
  • The topics are to be kept simple in description.
  • The class generates a question to ask each classmate's topic.
  • Each student writes a short journal entry on their topic.

The Day of the Press Conferences

  • Each student goes to the podeum (with sunglasses if needed).
  • The clock is started.
  • The class becomes a sea of hands begging to be called upon.
  • Once the speaker selects a press agent the room goes quiet.
  • The question is asked, the speaker decides whether to answer or not.
  • The speaker then says "next question"
  • The process repeats until the time runs out.

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