PSD - Class Rules and Procedures

Public Speaking and Debate

Course Objectives: 
  1. Develop appreciation for their own self-concept and use of communication.
  2. Acquire an understanding of some of the resources that are or should be available to effective speakers.
  3. Help create an open environment that sustains and supports the individual creativity necessary to produce exceptional speakers.
  4. Manage the variety of responsibilities required of any speaker.
  5. Develop an understanding of all the various types of speeches and how to effectively deliver them with confidence.
  6. Plan and organize your thoughts effectively.
  7. Present your work to the class.
  8. Intelligently assess and critique other classmate work in order to learn the benefits of analysis and communication between diverse speakers.
  9. Create a portfolio of speeches completed over the duration of the course and a cover letter to a future employer.

Reading Materials: Selected papers, articles, and handouts will be available in class for reading and discussion assignments. You are responsible for maintaining all copies after they are in your possession. I will not distribute additional copies.

Class Activities:  Course work will consist of lectures/discussions, individual/group projects, readings and written responses to the professional literature. Each student will also be required to prepare, draft and deliver many small speeches and lengthy speeches, and they will compete in a Debate. All classes on campus complete one final written exam.

Academic Dishonesty:  In all cases of academic dishonesty, the instructor shall make an academic judgment about the student’s grade on that work and in that course.  The instructor shall report the alleged academic dishonesty to the Primary Administrative Officer.

Grading is based upon the quality of assignments, not just completing them. The following scale will be used: 

(90-100%) = A   (80-89%) = B   (70-79%) = C   (60-69%) = D     (59% or lower) = F

Support Services:  My door is almost always open before and after school. I can also be contacted during both of my planning periods. Please do not take up class time discussing things that should be discussed privately. Make an appointment or see me outside of class to discuss grades.

Attendance: Class attendance is required. Each member of class is expected to actively participate in discussions and assignments. Classroom participation points will be given based on your involvement.  If you will be absent from class, you loose your participation points. Please inform me before the day of your absence if at all possible.

It is your responsibility to see me for all missed assignments. Make-up work will only be allowed if the absence is excused!

Tardies: Please refer to the student handbook for the WGHS policy. Parents will be called after two tardies. Detentions are given after three. Use the bathroom before class.

Class Behavior:  In order to create a positive learning environment for everyone, please refrain from disruptive behavior, and come to every class on time.

Please be familiar with the student handbook for all WGHS policy for clothing, electronics, and behavior expectations. I will not tolerate anything that goes against school policy.
Bathroom Requests: AVOID ASKING TO GO DURING CLASS, you are given time between classes to use the restroom. Use it during your allotted time and please don’t waste my class time with bathroom break requests. You can sit through a two hour movie without getting up… my class is only 55 minutesJ

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