Unit 8 - TV Talk Shows

"WGHS Today!":
UNIT 8 - Talk Show
50 pts for the script of questions and answers
50 pts for performance

Each Talk show is 3 minutes

Purpose: Interviews of classmates, recording the details of the interviews about something "coming up" on the activity calendar.

Partners generate a  "LIVE" - TV (on camera)
interview for the class.


Preparation for the TV SHOW

Interview Pick a Topic: each student is to look into the near future and find a topic that relates to an activity or experience that they will be participating in...(concrete plans or even dreams and wishes)

Write a journal on the topic

Interview a classmate: Interview an assigned classmate and record the info shared.

Keep the interview about something on the horizon

Switch and repeat the process: now the Interviewer becomes the interviewee and vice versa... and record the info shared.


The TV Talk Show Performance 

Each student will replay their interview on set: the teams will use cue cards or note cards if to help them.

ALL of the shows
will be recorded digitally
with the Flipcam.

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